HI-TAPO© is a new, free monitoring and social networking
system that empowers you to instantly document each
interaction with police, creating a collaborative oversight of
law enforcement.



HI-TAPO promotes safe returns home following police stops for every person, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, national origin or religion through streaming video, social sharing, and text and email notifications to a pre-programmed network of family, friends, loved ones and civic and community organizations.

HI-TAPO works in 3 easy steps when you encounter law enforcement:

  1. Activate the app to live stream, GPS map track, and alert your network to view your video and location.
  2. Tap the all-clear button when the
    interaction has concluded and you are safe.
  3. Give the interaction a review – with
    officer’s name, badge number, why you were stopped, use of force and more.

If you are unable to signal all-clear, an SOS alert will automatically go to your network asking for help.

HI-TAPO works to remove distrust between officers and the communities they serve, while highlighting well-trained officers that engage the community in a fair and equitable way. The platform aggregates ratings and comments about interactions with police officers in the local area for transparency and community building.

HI-TAPO helps each community collectively map police stops and share video that can be used in a court of law. HI-TAPO provides a community of support wherever you go.

HI-TAPO helps support your loved ones when you can’t

with a paid subscription service. A 24/7 HI-TAPO Concierge and regional Ambassador will help locate your arrested or detained loved ones to help minimize the amount of time they spend alone in, unaccounted for, and vulnerable to the criminal justice system, anywhere in the continental US..

The 24/7 HI-TAPO Concierge subscription service costs $9.99
per month or $109.99 per year.
Group discounts and grants are also available.


Contact us to:

  • Request a discount or grant.
  • Invite us to support your community, or
  • Share your experiences.